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Customer Stories

Origin Nutraceutica

Jordan Smith, Vice President

Origin Nutraceutical, USA

“We at Origin Nutraceutical appreciate that this machine was built by one company rather than integrating multiple components from different manufacturers. When we received the shipped crate, we were able to take it out in one piece and essentially “plug and play.” Drawings, dimensions, power and air specifications were provided ahead of shipping so everything on our end was ready to go once the equipment arrived from overseas. The few pieces that needed to be assembled upon arrival were self-explanatory or labeled for easy installation. Only one day of vendor technician training and a few minor tweaks were necessary before our two operators could run the machine essentially on their own. The equipment ran extremely well with better-than-expected quality. It is intuitive and fairly simple to operate. We at Origin Nutraceutical are glad we went with the recommended upgrades and automation features. This equipment will become a great asset and revenue generator with its quick speed, quality, clean operation and minimal operator requirements. Our primary sachet backlog was cleared within only a few weeks of smooth operation with our new SN FME 50. Thanks to all who were involved in the process.” 

Variopack Lohnfertigungen GmbH

Tuncay Yazan, Managing director

Variopack Lohnfertigungen GmbH, Germany

"SN has surprised us once again with a completely new machine concept. The FME 50 is a valuable addition to our existing machine portfolio and fits extremely well into our wide range of machinery, which allows us to respond very flexibly to customer orders. As we have been working together with SN Maschinenbau for many years, we had no concerns about buying the prototype of the new machine series. Minor modifications and start-up issues were discussed directly during the factory acceptance test and our wishes were implemented quickly, so that we were able to start production in our plant immediately. Overall, we are very satisfied with the FME 50 and the cooperative relationship with SN Maschinenbau."

Variopack is one of Europe's strongest service providers for pouch-packaging of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Every day, Variopack produces approximately 2 million primary packages in Nidda near Frankfurt a. M. (Germany).