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Whether you run a growing start-up or a well-established business – our pouch-packaging machine FME 50 to meet one of today’s most important challenges: quickly respond to every changing market needs. Discover all advantages of our new FME 50.

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The FME 50 allows highly flexible automated forming, filling and sealing of small to medium size pouches such as sachets, bottom gusset pouches and stand-up pouches with or without zipper.

Our customers love the FME 50

Origin Nutraceutical

Jordan Smith, Vice President

Origin Nutraceutical, USA

“We at Origin Nutraceutical appreciate that this machine was built by one company...

... rather than integrating multiple components from different manufacturers. When we received the shipped crate, we were able to take it out in one piece and essentially “plug and play.” Drawings, dimensions, power and air specifications were provided ahead of shipping so everything on our end was ready to go once the equipment arrived from overseas. The few pieces that needed to be assembled upon arrival were self-explanatory or labeled for easy installation. Only one day of vendor technician training and a few minor tweaks were necessary before our two operators could run the machine essentially on their own. The equipment ran extremely well with better-than-expected quality. It is intuitive and fairly simple to operate. We at Origin Nutraceutical are glad we went with the recommended upgrades and automation features. This equipment will become a great asset and revenue generator with its quick speed, quality, clean operation and minimal operator requirements. Our primary sachet backlog was cleared within only a few weeks of smooth operation with our new SN FME 50. Thanks to all who were involved in the process.” 

Variopack Lohnfertigungen

Tuncay Yazan, Managing Director

Variopack Lohnfertigungen GmbH, Germany

"SN has surprised us once again with a completely new machine concept. ...

... The FME 50 is a valuable addition to our existing machine portfolio and fits extremely well into our wide range of machinery, which allows us to respond very flexibly to customer orders. As we have been working together with SN Maschinenbau for many years, we had no concerns about buying the prototype of the new machine series. Minor modifications and start-up issues were discussed directly during the factory acceptance test and our wishes were implemented quickly, so that we were able to start production in our plant immediately. Overall, we are very satisfied with the FME 50 and the cooperative relationship with SN Maschinenbau."

Variopack is one of Europe's strongest service providers for pouch-packaging of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Every day, Variopack produces approximately 2 million primary packages in Nidda near Frankfurt a.M. (Germany).

About SN Maschinenbau


SN Maschinenbau is located in Wipperfürth near Cologne, Germany. We are a global leader in horizontally operating pouch packaging machines (HFFS).
With meanwhile 300 employees and our high vertical range of manufacture, we are independent, very flexible and guarantee our worldwide customers the highest quality "Made in Germany". 


Why is the FME 50 much more affordable compared to other machines?

The FME 50 is considerably more standardized compared to our other (highly customized) models, thus allowing for significant economies of scale like large production lots, shared design and development cost etc. that we can pass on to our customers.

Does the cost-saving pre-configuration affect the quality in any way?

The FME 50 is 100% designed and produced in Germany and will offer you the same level of durability that all SN machines are known for. Also, the required level of service and spare parts is minimal.

Is it possible to run different sachet sizes and how long will the format change take?

The FME 50 can run sachets from 50-170 mm width and 70-210 mm length. The format change is particularly easy and can be done almost without tools in about 15 minutes: send us your e-mail and we can send you a video showing the format change.

What type of products is the new FME 50 particularly suitable for?

There is almost no limit to the types of products you can fill on this neat machine: nuts, all kinds of powders, spices, confectionary, dry pet food, snacks, dried fruits etc. Just tell us what your product is – it will be our pleasure to advise you.

What is the delivery time for the FME 50 after I have ordered?

Depending on the specific application the lead time for a FME 50 is 3-4 months. This compares to 6-12 months for our fully customized pouch-packaging machines.

How long does it take to get the FME 50 up and running on site?

The FME 50 will be shipped to you in one piece and does not need any no further assembly nor specialized staff on site. All you have to do is to place and level it where you need it, plug it on to electricity and compressed air and start producing. We have customers that went from unloading to producing in less than 90 minutes! Send us your e-mail and we can send you a little video.

What does FFS mean and is the FME 50 a FFS machine?

FFS stands for form-fill-seal, in other words you form a pouch from a film roll, you fill it with product and close/seal it. The FME 50 is a FFS machine. The so-called FS (fill & seal) machines fill pre-made pouches at a higher cost per pouch.

What are the limitations of the machine compared to SNs’ other custom solutions?

The FME 50 is a high-performance machine but limited to an output of 70-100 pouches per minute (ppm). We have other machines in our portfolio that will produce up to 540 ppm. Also, there are certain applications like liquid/corrosive filling products or spouted pouches that cannot be run on a FME 50.

Can I upgrade the FME 50 at a later stage?

There is a wide range of options such as a zipper device, stand-up pouch device, a printer or additional dosing systems that you can add to your FME 50 at a later date.

What is the difference between a horizontal and a vertical pouch-packaging machine?

A horizontally working pouch-packaging machine such as the FME 50 will allow you to produce higher quality pouches (e.g. Doypack) and realizes a better ratio of packaging material and packed product volume. In addition, horizontally working machines are more suitable for products that must not be damaged during the filling process.

Why is the SN FME 50 an important contribution to sustainability and ecology?

Starting with its’ small footprint and the very low electricity and compressed air consumption the FME 50 is also designed to run many different types of sustainable (mono) film materials.